Many times, companies try and save money by allowing someone in house to handle their graphic design needs. Unfortunately, most of the time, that person has no experience in creating collateral material.

Graphic Design is not something that you just “pick up”. There are design principles that are accepted worldwide and they need to be followed. Can these principles be learned? Of course they can. But practice makes perfect.

The advantage of using a graphic designer is that they understand how important your “look” really is. And that’s all they focus on! Your company image is paramount, and leaving it to an inexperienced intern is just not the answer. If it’s not important enough to have produced professionally, it’s probably not important enough to send out.

Many companies see spending money on creative services as an expense. It needs to be looked at as an investment. The investment that you make in your image is something that can’t be measured. Do it right, or don’t do it.

We get asked all the time to fix projects that someone else started and either didn’t or couldn’t finish. Why not just make the call at the beginning and save yourself time and money?

The value of great creative is hard to evaluate because it means something different to everyone. But before you hand off that newsletter to the secretary, call a design firm and find out how long and how much they’d charge to do it first. You’ll be able to measure the value in customers calling to tell you how great it looks!