“Good” is subjective. If you were to ask anyone in the creative field what their number one complaint is, it would probably be that. There are several types of creatives; those in it for the art, those in for the money, and those in it because they think it’s “cool”.

You’d be amazed at how many people think that what we do is easy. Especially photography.

EVERYONE has some sort of image capturing device now. Be it a phone or a consumer camera, everyone has become a photographer. Instagram, Pintrest, countless social media platforms… they all have one thing in common; photography.

So what’s the big deal?

For those of us that make a living shooting. And for those of us that have spent our lives honing our craft, it’s a very big deal. No, we think it’s great that everyone has access to cameras and software that can enhance their photos. But please stop saying that you’re a professional.

What “ease of use” cameras have taken out of photography is skill. Just adding a filter to a photograph does not make it a professional photo. What does? Lighting technique, lens acumen, knowledge of aperture settings and depth-of-field. More importantly, the ability to “make” an image, not just “take” one.

If you need a program to make your photos look presentable, you’re not a professional.